Friday, July 24, 2009


As I was driving past the farmer's market the other day i realized how much i love living in the northeast, specifically because of the seasons. While i don't relish 3 feet of snow i do love the rythym of the seasons and what they bring to my life. Because not only are the seasons of the year relevant but also the seasons of life. That circle of life that seems to come around later rather than sooner when i am open to my mortality as well as things yet to be. I also realized that i have seasons of my mind that flow in and out as i am led from one day to the next or one project to the next. One of the dictionary's meanings for seasons was "the fitting time" and i thought ......perfect!

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  1. Terrific Carolyn! Your interpretations of these words are marvelous. Helps me see things in a very different way! Quite inspiring!