Friday, July 31, 2009

Follow ups....

As a follow up to my 7/9 post of how many lives "Peacock" can have i recently had him printed on a t-shirt for fun! i liked it so much i went back and had it printed on a canvas bag and a mouse pad. I think to myself, "Whether it is on the wall, on your arm or on your back, ART is meant to be enjoyed!"
Also following up on my Word a Day Project, this is one of those "well it seemed like a good idea at the time!" deals. I love the idea and I will continue to work them into my art, but i just cannot seem to produce one EVERY day. Even a Word Every Other Day Project won't work. But you get the idea anyway.
Stay tuned!
Have a great weekend and enjoy the sun when it's out!


  1. Great idea Carolyn! Love your t-shirt with your art on it. And; yes - art is meant to be on so many things! I'm sure this looks great on the canvas bag, too! Terrific! I'm hoping for sun today! :)

  2. I love every manifestion of this colorful bird you've created Carolyn. The journal is particularly tactile.