Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Does artwork have nine lives?

I began playing in the studio the other day and decided to see how far i could take one small piece of artwork. So I started with "Peacock" that is on my profile page. It is a small 4 x 4 canvas mixed media inspired by some peacock feathers given to me by a friend. I had recently been in a mosaic studio and was impressed with all those little pieces of stone becoming one. So i came home and printed on a piece of backed Japanese paper the peacock artwork mainly because of all the colors in the piece. Then i began cutting it up and collaging it to illustration board. One thing led to the next and i was left with "Peacock II-The Mosaic".

And so it sat for days until today. I have also been obsessed with making journals and learning new binding stitches. After finding the coptic stitch tutorial on line i decided to try my hand at it. i needed two covers to start. And there sitting on the easel was the little peacock just waiting to be reincarnated. So here is the final product. "Peacock III-The Journal".
I'm wondering now how many more miles i can get out of this one little canvas!

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  1. Fantastic Carolyn! Nice job with the binding! Love the mosaic covers!!!!