Monday, February 22, 2010

Two more works on the horizon...

I have just finished the underpaintings for two more works in this series that seems to be developing from my inner voice. The first one is the male counterpart to my last blog post which I have temporarily named Divine Spirit. It is the second work to be created from the same design. So at this point I shall name him Divine Spirit II.

The third work is from a totally different design of bottles but has nonetheless become a "third
party." I guess an appropriate temporary title would be Divine Spirits III.
At this point i am just wondering how the concept of bottles (or vessels) fits into the designs. In looking up the word vessel in the dictionary i found this definition: a person regarded as a holder or receiver of something nonmaterial: a vessel of grace. for thought!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Art is About....

On my friend kathy cartwright's blog ( we had a discussion about finishing the sentence My Art is About..... I began to think about this and how to explain what my art is about. Not an easy thing to verbalize. So as i let that thought simmer for a while i came up with the following:

My art is more than "just" art.

It's a way of life
It's an expression of myself
It's an extension of myself
It's a daily prayer
It's a meditation
It's a look into my soul
It's my soul speaking, singing and drawing
It's a deep breath
It's inhaliing life
It's gratitude
It's a gift
It's more than "just" art.
It's hard work
It's a best friend
It's sometimes a foe.

So for now this is the only way i can verbalize what my art is. The rest will have to speak for itself on the canvas.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ta Dah! The Finished Work

After many weeks and many many layers of glazes I have finally completed one of the designs i have been working on. It literally took a turn from the original landscape format design (shown below and in previous posts) into an interesting figure. It is amazing to me that the results came from a bottle design. Posted below is the transformation from original design to grisailles to the final work at the left. I haven't named her yet. Any suggestions??

Original design. It needs more division of space or fracturing.
This became too fractured and overdone. I realized i had to go too far to find the middle place to come back to.

I was able to "unfracture" it by going back to the original design and reworking it.

This was much better. I now needed to find the design within the design. This was accomplished by rotating the work and choosing a portrait format. Adding the first glazes helped to define the figure and i continued to develop her with subsequent glazes. I chose a phalo blue and cad red palette. It was interesting working with only two colors. Even more interesting was watching it take shape layer by layer. Working over a grisaille helped me stay within my value ranges.
Adding some opaques in the final stages added definition and depth to some areas needing more than a glaze.

There are approximately 20 layers of glaze on this piece. I am developing her counterpart and hope to share that also with you when it is done. Both figures developed out of one original design. The most interesting part of these works is that the biblical looking figures that are coming out of the designs have been subjects that have been on my mind lately and in my thoughts. Creating designs from your mind or memory will certainly bring more meaning to your art!