Monday, February 22, 2010

Two more works on the horizon...

I have just finished the underpaintings for two more works in this series that seems to be developing from my inner voice. The first one is the male counterpart to my last blog post which I have temporarily named Divine Spirit. It is the second work to be created from the same design. So at this point I shall name him Divine Spirit II.

The third work is from a totally different design of bottles but has nonetheless become a "third
party." I guess an appropriate temporary title would be Divine Spirits III.
At this point i am just wondering how the concept of bottles (or vessels) fits into the designs. In looking up the word vessel in the dictionary i found this definition: a person regarded as a holder or receiver of something nonmaterial: a vessel of grace. for thought!


  1. Wonderful!! And, the titles are so appropriate. Nice job, Carolyn.

  2. Dear Carolyn,

    I am impressed and almost wish you will keep it as a B/W, yet i also know that once you put down the colour it is going to be magical.

    Wishing you all the best,

  3. I love your names for your series' pieces. Terrific!

  4. yes....Vessels of Grace! I like that! I agree about the black and well as how magnificent they can be in color.