Friday, May 8, 2009


Hello art friends, I swore i didn't like blogs. I didn't like reading them and I certainly didn't want to keep one. But then a funny things happened. I went to a couple of artist friends blogs and I liked them. I really liked reading about where they got their inspiration from, their techniques and how each work of art came about. So...i thought i would give it a try. A long time ago a friend suggested I write a simple narrative about each work. She said people who collect art like to know the story behind it. Well, i'm finally going to take that suggestion. I hope you enjoy reading into the soul of my artwork and I would love to hear what you think. So against all my better judgment I introduce you to Carolina Moon Arts don't mind if i change blog to journal do you? It is more me!

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  1. Carolyn! Well; I feel like I've just received a gift! Congratulations on your Arts Journal :) I remember, the day I met you, you mentioned you didn't want to keep a Blog and I so respected that. I love the idea that you have introduced your art and thoughts, here, as a journal! Wonderful! Your art is so moving, to me, and I plan on visiting often.

    This is so marvelous! Welcome! Best always, Marilyn