Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I need your help! I have the darndest time giving title to some of my artwork. There are times that I have a title even before the artwork is begun and other times I have completed and sat with it for a while and still can't come up with anything deserving. So, if you have any ideas for this piece I am all ears..... It is 12th in my Nine Patch Series and is comprised of collage pieces, some hand painted, some vintage and some printed papers on a background of hand printed gold leaves and turqoise circles if that helps. Any suggestions?


  1. Carolyn; first off this piece is stunning! I love the background and your collaging is wonderful! I adore it!

    My mind is whirling with where it's going to help you name the piece. I'm focusing on the "12" and coming up with "The 12th Step", "Dime a Dozen", (which I'm not fond of because the painting is worth millions to me!), "The Twelfth Patch), "Dozens of Dimensions", etc. If I come up with any more, I'll let you know. Love this piece! Have a good day! Hugs, Marilyn

  2. Bloom. (that's what I'd title it.) Carolyn, so glad that you have started an online "journal." Blogging is a funny thing. I have a love-hate relationship with mine, even after all this time.