Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spirit Rabbit

The other night i had a dream about a white rabbit with wings.  I never dream about animals.  So i asked my friend who has an animal interpretation book what that might mean.  Here is her reply

In the animal deck a rabbit signifies fear. Rabbit medicine people call their fears in so they can learn from them.  the essential thing to be learned here is: what you resist will persist!! (btw, this is the third time that saying came to me in a week!) What you fear most is what you will become.

Rid yourself of any negative feelings and if you feel the need, burrow into a safe space to nurture yourself.

White signifies Spirit, wings can indicate angelic beings.

So i went into the studio and created my dream.

"Spirit Rabbit"
7 x 11

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  1. I love the painting and the fact that you captured your meaningful dream! Keep doing this - the results are great!!