Monday, January 28, 2013

Small Stones - Writing Our Way Home Day 28

This is probably the first "real" poem i have actually written. It came through in trying to understand the tragic events in Newtown, Ct.  I have to believe these angels didn't die in vain.  It has become the impetus of a new work presently in progress to my series "Divine Vessels".   I hope to have "Vessels of Change" completed soon.  In the meantime  i invite you to visit my work at

Vessels of Change

Twenty new stars and six guiding lights
are prominent in the universe tonight.

Vessels of change as they make their way
Through the portals of a new earth and a new way

Where love is the norm and compassion abounds
As it dances through their veins
These vessels of change.

Where understanding and friendship takes the land
to new heights by day and breaths by night

Where faith is received and love is given
Joining hearts and hands to this new way of living

Is this a dream or a figment of my mind?
No, it’s the hope and  wish of twenty new stars and six guiding lights
In the universe tonight.

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