Monday, July 18, 2011

Divine Harmony

"Divine Harmony"
acrylic 24 x 24

While the last few months have been quiet on the blogfront I have been busy in the studio. In between working the kinks out of several works that just never seemed finished to me I did complete one that i thoroughly enjoyed creating. So much in fact that it seemed to paint itself!

One of the important lessons i learned from this particular work is that no matter how hard i plan its design in color and shape, etc in advance, i seem to have to let it evolve in its own time, working and reworking and reworking some more.

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful summer!


  1. This is a beautful balance! I saw it in my blog list a few days ago and have been meaning to comment! I've been finishing old paintings too, so many seem to get "stuck" and it takes longer to unstick them than paint something new! I find planning both essential AND nearly impossible!? Actual paint colours are needed because it's always different on a computer screen and you can't try too hard or you might accidentally make the plan better than the original (so annoying!).

    Your work is so good. I think you're a truly great artist, as good as Picasso or anyone else.

  2. This is amazing Carolyn. I keep going back to it!