Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Channel of Peace


24 x 24

For some reason this piece really came from the soul. With all the unrest in the world and many of the oppressive issues that are facing women i like to think that we can all do what we can to bring peace to every corner of the world just by meditating on it.

In addition to the conceptual part of the work I really enjoyed getting to know some new colors and combinations that really spoke to me in creating this piece. Also, up until now most of my figures did not contain facial features. I think this because of the spiritual nature but now i feel the work is moving toward the more earthly and thus the fleck of an eye.

I hope you will be moved to think about peace in your corner each day! :)

1 comment:

  1. Ooh goody I've just caught your blog and am probably the first to see this treat for the eye and heart. This is peaceful, and sad, and introspective. I've always liked a blue/gold combination, it's my favourite. I've never managed to do it in dark shades this well. I like the sort of drop shadow effect to the left of the curve above the glowing orb. You know, I like you art so much I might try something similar. I painted something called 3 Graves a few years ago and it was rather similar... in shapes...