Sunday, November 14, 2010

Freeing the Spirit

Finally, i have resolved the work that has taken up so much of my summer and fall. As you can see from previous posts it has come a long way. My mistake early on was not beginning with a strong design in mind so it has taken quite a few reworkings to resolve the design problems. Since this is a study for a much larger work I will redesign it with the things i learned from this rework and apply them to the next one. I really like the idea of the figure starting out confined to a globe (vessel) and gradually finding her way to freeing herself. Much like many women all over the world today, it takes a long time and a lot of work to truly become free in mind, spirit and body.


  1. Gorgeous! It reads well on this scale, too - and I can see better that using this design as a foundation for a more sophisticated design on a larger scale will work. Go for it!

  2. Hi Carolyn, This is a fascinating design. It's one I would enjoy looking at for quite a while. There seems to be layers of meaning to it. What's the medium? I imagine it will be powerful as a large piece.