Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nature's Vessels

As I was working on this last triptych i had a nagging sensation to create trees. The images of trees kept popping into my head and eventually on paper with charcoal. As i worked the first image a figure began to appear very obscurely. Since the original work was created from design #2 of Divine Vessels (bottles) i knew it had to mean something connected with my vessel series. So i researched the symbolism of trees and the connections began to take form.

One of the explanations really resonated with me. Trees symbolize unusual strength, resolution and courage; a constant, dynamic interchange between matter and spirit, earth and heaven. Hmmm. so why does the figure (usually the female) keep surfacing in my work?

I have to conclude that trees serve as a symbol for vessels. That they deliver unusual strength, resolution and courage in nature. I have seen these same virtues in the human spirit (especially females) during my lifetime. So there's the connection!

I have posted below the original charcoal work that will make its way through the process on paper and canvas as well as the draft grisaille of the first of three works in this particular series of Nature's Vessels. With a few minor value and shape changes i have transferred it to watercolor paper approximately 11 x 15. I will then choose my palette and apply glazes.
Perhaps another triptych is in the wind.


  1. I love the path you're on Carolyn!

  2. I seem to come back to trees all of the time. Lots of my ideas are half woman/half tree and similar combinations and I don't know where it's coming from. Those two pictures look great side by side... ever consider a diptych?

  3. Wonderful



  4. Love it love it love it!!!! You are truly onto the "it" we refer to! Your art is resonating from within you! Reading this post and then seeing your work....has really touched me. I am excited for you!

  5. Carolyn, this is great! I love where you're headed and your designs are so pleasing. Keep going ...