Thursday, March 11, 2010

Divine Spirits III

Here they are: Divine Spirits III, the third in the series I have been working on. It has been an amazing journey to get here. I liken it to learning to paint with my left hand or trying to learn to run backwards!! But it was worth the effort. I am now transferring them to five foot canvases and hoping to end up with a triptych of Divine Spirits. Should be fun!! Stay tuned!!


  1. Beautiful, Carolyn! Congratulations!!!

  2. Hi Carolyn,
    These are stunning; I love the lyrical curves and shapes. What is the medium?

  3. Wow I had to pause here. That's wonderful! It reminds me of some 1930's cubist pictures I've seen but frankly I like this better. I keep seeing violins in it. Is that just me??!

  4. This is awesome and I think, this one, is my favorite. I see a figure in there - angelic like! Wonderful!

  5. Dear Carolyn,

    I see two figures, the left one reaching out with her right hand and touching the belly of the person on on the right. THe figure on the left looks like it might even have wings, a foot for sure.

    Of the the three, this one certainly feels different, due possible to its circular elements, whereas the other two are more structure wise .

    Warmest regards,

  6. Carolyn, I see the angelic figures too! This one is my fave also!!!! BEAUTIFUL and quite the challenge to now put them on 5 feet canvas! love this journey you are on!

  7. Hi Carolyn, Beautiful paintings!! Who knew fractured bottles would could end up like this? My eyes can't stop moving around the fastinating shapes...the color and shading are wonderful. All three paintings are truly stunning! Enjoy the process...Cathy