Monday, August 17, 2009

Digital Play

Studio way too hot the last few days to play in so i thought it was a good time to make friends with the layers, filters and effects of Photoshop. It's an interesting process that produces some very interesting results. Both photos began as paintings and then were altered with palette knife effects and altering of the color hues and saturations. Can't say i like this play better than my brush and paints but it was fun!


  1. Terrific digital play Carolyn! Love the dragonfly! Wish I could make your show Thursday night - darn it! I'm heading to Florida of all places for a long weekend to visit a friend. You'd think I'd go somewhere to cool off! Oh well. Good luck with the show; am sure it will be a huge success. Thinking of you.....Marilyn

  2. I am so far behind in visiting my favorite blogs and websites. Palette knife is one of my favorite photoshop filters. love these.